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Personality Quiz: Which Lioness Are You?

The Women's World Cup is coming up - find out your position in the squad!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Ready for kick-off?


How would you describe yourself on the pitch?


How do you eat a packet of wine gums?


What’s your best asset?


If you were an ice cream what flavour would you be?


Which of these dogs would you like as a pet?

allaboutjetlena | giphy

Which of these Avengers characters do you like the best?


You’re off to the hairdressers, what you having?


Whose concert would you like to go to?


It’s your birthday, what d’you wanna do?


Which of these numbers do you like the best?

You are: Carly Telford!

You're a goalie! You're a safe pair of hands and your teammates are glad to have you between the sticks!

You are: Demi Stokes!

As a defender, you're solid as a rock and always help out the team to make sure the opposition don't score any goals!

Karen Carney

You're a midfielder. You're the creative spark and always make a great pass to help your strikers score some great goals!

Nikita Parris

As a striker, you're a fox in the box, always pouncing on any chance to give your team the lead!