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Which Encanto Song Are You?

Which song from the awesome movie Encanto are you? Take our expertly assembled quiz and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 13th 2022

It's time to find out which Encanto song you are! Answer a few easy questions, and we'll tell you! And if you enjoyed this, there's more Encanto goodness here! Or if you're hankering for more Disney, how about this Raya and the Last Dragon quiz? Or if you need to know exactly which Disney character you are, good news, we've got a quiz for that too!

1/10 Llama and scene of South American country

Pick a South American country!

2/10 Selection of tropical fruit and a screaming Beano pineapple

Pick a fruit!

3/10 Encanto Screenshot
Encanto | Disney Studios | Clark Spencer, Yvett Merino | Byron Howard, Jared Bush

Choose an Encanto character!

4/10 Beano snowman and snowflakes on blue brick background

Pick a Frozen character!

5/10 Colombian food with emoji and splats

Pick a Colombian food!

6/10 Ratatouille still
Ratatouille | Disney Pixar Studios | Brad Bird | Brad Lewis

Choose a Pixar movie!

7/10 Encatno Screenshot
Encanto | Disney Studios | Clark Spencer, Yvett Merino | Byron Howard, Jared Bush

How good are you at singing?


8/10 Pick an Encanto animal!

9/10 Hand with tennis racket and ball with goofy face and splats

Choose a sport!

10/10 Steaming cup of tea with splat and Beano dolphin

Pick a type of tea!

We don't talk about Bruno result

We Don't Talk About Bruno

You're We Don't Talk About Bruno! Like this song, you're mysterious, quirky and catchy. We may not talk about Bruno, but people definitely talk about you!

The Family Madrigal Result

The Family Madrigal!

You're just like The Family Madrigal! Fast paced and full of information, you're everybody's favourite, just like this song!

Surface pressure

Surface Pressure

You're Surface Pressure! You're dramatic, tough and everybody loves you! Just like Luisa, you're under a lot of pressure, and just like Luisa, you like to let off stream with a song!

Waiting on a miracle result

Waiting On A Miracle

You're just like waiting on a miracle! You're passionate and emotional, and you really care about your family! They wouldn't be complete without you!