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What Percentage Hufflepuff Are You?

Have you got what it takes to be a Hufflepuff? Find out right now with this epic quiz! Answer some questions and we'll tell you exactly how much of a Hufflepuff you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 31st 2022

Are you a true, black and white Hufflepuff? Let's find out! We've got this highly accurate Hufflepuff quiz to tell you whether or not you're made of Hufflepuff stuff! Or will you be more of a slithery Slytherin? Good luck!

1/10 Mushroom and goblin

Pick a plant

2/10 Dumbledore and the sorting hat

Choose a teacher

3/10 A fat monk and a Beano badger

Choose a famous Hufflepuff

4/10 Beano magical creatures

Pick a magical creature

5/10 Flying key and Beano dragon

Pick a challenge

6/10 Derpy panda in potion cauldron

Pick a potion

7/10 Crystal ball with goofy face

Choose an object

8/10 Magical shop with question marks

Choose a shop

9/10 Screaming snitch and cat paw

Choose a Quidditch position

10/10 Dobby, Voldemort and books

Choose a quote

0% result


Uh oh, looks like you're 0% Hufflepuff! Maybe you lack the team spirit of Hufflepuff, or maybe you hate badgers? Either way, you're not made of Hufflepuff stuff!

50% result


You're 50% Hufflepuff! You've got a few qualities that Hufflepuffs pride themselves in, like kindness, friendship and team spirit, but you've got other less Huffle-puffy qualities that means you're not quite a true Hufflepuff!


You're 75% Hufflepuff! You've got all the qualities of a great Hufflepuff, but your heart's not 100% in it. But that's ok, Hufflepuffs welcome everyone!

100% result


Woah, you're 100% Hufflepuff! You love team spirit, working together, kindness and loyalty, and nothing matters to you more than your friends and family! Either that, or you just love badgers. Nice one!