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What Percentage Gryffindor Are You?

You know you’re Gryffindor, but EXACTLY how Gryffindor Are You?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 10th 2022

You’ve probably been through the sorting process a number of times by now (at least until The Sorting Hat gave you the house you really wanted) so you know that you’re in Gryffindor. Now - for the first time ever - you can find out EXACTLY how Gryffndor you really are!


You find a chocolate frog left in the corridors of Hogwarts. What do you do?


How do you ask for seconds at a Hogwarts lunch?


How many house points do you get at school?

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4/10 What’s your favourite animal?

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5/10 What’s your favourite colour?

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6/10 Pick your favourite Marvel Hero…


Pick a period of History to visit in a Time Machine…

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To what team or group do you belong? (If the answer is two then choose your favourite)

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What’s your favourite spell?

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10/10 Who’s your favourite?

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0% Gryffindor

You’re not Gryffindor at all… YOU’RE SLYTHERIN! The shame will follow you around for generations!

53% Gryffindor

You’re 53% Gryffindor. To achieve a higher Gryffindor percentage try being more noble, chivalrous and brave!

72% Gryffindor.

You’re 72% Gryffindor.You’re noble, chivalrous and brave… There’s just one thing you lack… and no it isn’t a scarf. Try again to see if you can get a Harry Potter style 100%!

100% Gryffindor

Not even Harry Potter was 100% Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat definitely put you in the right house and Dumbledore is going to award you loads of house points!