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What is Your Harry Potter Name?

What would be my Harry Potter name be? Find out in this epic personality quiz - answer our Harry Potter questions and we'll give you a magical name! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 24th 2022

Ever wondered what your name would be if you went to Hogwarts? Well we've put together this expertly assembled quiz to find out! Answer a few magical questions and we'll tell you just what your name should be! And if you liked this quiz, be sure to check out more Harry Potter quizzes, including Which Harry Potter House Am I and The Ultimate Harry Potter Spell Quiz!

1/20 Secret door in bookcase with Beano arrow

Pick a Hogwarts location

2/20 Toad with Beano eyes and magic glitter

Pick a Hogwarts pet

3/20 Old books and flowers with question mark

Which subject would you do best in?

4/20 Old locket with Beano Voldemort

Pick a horcrux

5/20 Hedge maze with Beano dragon in the middle

Choose a Triwizard tournament challenge

6/20 Woman dressed as witch on yellow background with magic splat and question mark

Choose a silly Harry Potter name

7/20 Evil snow queen with Beano wolf

Choose a Narnia character

8/20 Magic objects and books and Beano cauldron and Sorting Hat

Which subject would you do worst in?

9/20 Beano dementors with Beano teapot on prison background

Why would you get sent to Azkaban?

10/20 Harry Potter potatoes on stone background

Who would you rather be?

11/20 Weird plant with Beano gas and wand

Pick a magical plant

12/20 Beano dragon, hippogriff and goblin on magical background

Choose a Fantastic Beasts character

13/20 Beano Dumbledore on stone background with question mark

Pick a Dumbledore name

14/20 Spell book and runes with Beano wand and magic

Pick a silly name we just made up

15/20 Man and woman on brooms on purple background, with Beano pineapple on broom

Choose a way to fly

16/20 Three Beano wands on paper book background

Pick a wand wood

17/20 Castle on hill with Beano magic dust

Pick a school

18/20 Rich roast food with Beano Hedwig

Pick a Hogwarts dinner

19/20 Beano Harry Potter characters on library background

Choose a main character

20/20 Goofy otter and arrow

Choose an Animagus form


Drusilla Shakeshaft

Your name is Drusilla Shakeshaft! Sounds like you come from an old family, and you probably own a house elf!


Octavia Delve

Your name is Octavia Delve! Sounds pretty magical, eh?


Hercule Seafoam

You're Hercule Seafoam! You sound like your an important wizard!


Aethelwulf Quickhare

Your name is Aethelwulf Quickhare! We think a name like this MUST mean you have a big white beard, but it's up to you!