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The Ultimate Leeds United Trivia Quiz

Once, a long time ago, Leeds Utd were the most feared in football. Now, after a spell in the footballing wilderness (which is a polite way to say they were relegated numerous times) THEY ARE BACK.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 1st 2021

In their first season back in the top flight Leeds United set the Premier league on fire with their attacking, and adventurous play, and now it seems as though they never left .If you’re a Leeds fan or simply a neutral who wants to test your knowledge of the mighty Whites, then The Ultimate Leeds Trivia Quiz is totally for YOU! Take the quiz to see if you can Leeds Utd in the Premier League!


Kick off by telling us the county Leeds is in?

2/20 A football stadium

Did you turn up at the right place? What ground do Leeds play at?


Are you wearing the right kit? What flower is on the Leeds badge?


Tackle the opposing team’s striker by knowing the colour of the Leeds home kit?


Pass the ball up the wing by knowing which colours aren’t on the Leeds home kit


Control the ball on your chest by answering this : Which one of these teams is Leeds biggest rivals?


Dribble past their tough midfielder by knowing the other name for the Leeds song called “Leeds, Leeds, Leeds”


Nutmeg the fullback by spotting the Leeds Legend!

9/20 A football in the back of a goal net

Score a goal by spotting the next Leeds Legend!


Save a penalty by spotting the third Leeds Legend!


Imagine the year is 1972. How many times have Leeds won the FA cup?


Imagine the year is 2020. How many times have Leeds won the FA cup?

13/20 A football trophy and boots

It’s 2020. How many times have Leeds won the league?


Win the semi-finals by knowing which one of these is a Leeds nickname?


Help your star player recover from injury by answering which one of these birds is also a nickname for Leeds?

16/20 Which American Football Team Should You Support? Quiz

Get money for transfers by knowing what American football team have also co-owned Leeds Utd?

@MarcusRashford | Instagram

Strengthen your squad: Which one of these England players from the 2021 Euros also played for Leeds in the same season?


Random Leeds Question: Who said “Leeds is a dingy, sombre town marred by the workhouse order of architecture and ugly coloured bricks.”


Make a tactical substitution to change the game by knowing what the Leeds Manager, Marcelo Biesla is famous for sitting on?


20/20 Score a penalty by knowing what country is Leeds forward Raphinha from?


PHEW! You’ve just avoided relegation!

A football fan pointing upwards, suggesting his team are number 1

EXCELLENT. You’ve qualified for Europe

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. You’ve won the Prem and qualified for Europe. Leeds Legend!