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What are stadiums but theatres of footballing triumph, agony or the numbing boredom of a 0-0 draw?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 20th 2021

Do you think you know everything about footie grounds? We want to know how much you know about some of the biggest and best stadiums around the world.

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The Essential Football Stadium Quiz!

How much do you know about football stadiums? Why not test your trivia with this blam quiz?

1/20 White Hart Lane

Which team plays at White Hart Lane?

2/20 Kilmarnock's ground

Where do Kilmarnock play?

3/20 A football ground in North West England

Who plays at Anfield?

4/20 A football ground in the North East of England

This team play at St James Park. What are they called?

5/20 A football ground in London

Who plays at Stamford Bridge?

6/20 St Mary's Stadium
St Mary's Stadium

Who plays at St Mary's Stadium?

7/20 Norwich City's ground

What is Norwich City's ground called?

8/20 Dundee United's ground

What's the name of Dundee United's home?

9/20 Manchester United's ground

What is the name of Manchester United's ground?

10/20 Arsenal's old ground

What was Arsenal's old ground called?

11/20 The Etihad Stadium

Manchester City play their home games at the Etihad Stadium. What is it also called?


Which Welsh team play their home games at the Liberty Stadium?

13/20 Wembley Stadium

In which year did the new Wembley Stadium open?

14/20 New York Red Bulls' stadium

Which state is the New York Red Bulls' stadium?

15/20 Aston Villa's ground

What is Aston Villa's ground called?

16/20 A football ground in the Midlands

Which team plays at St Andrew's?

17/20 The biggest stadium in the world

This is the biggest stadium in the world, Rungrado 1st of May Stadium. Which country is it in?

18/20 Camp Nou

This stadium belongs to one of Spain's biggest teams. Can you name the ground and who plays there?

19/20 Paris St Germain's stadium

Paris St Germain's ground sounds very royal. What is their stadium called?

20/20 Brighton's stadium

What's the name of Brighton and Hove Albion's stadium?

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Oh no! Better luck next time!

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Good try! Why not have another go soon?

Great work

Great work! You're clearly a keen footie fan!


Wow! You must have spent some time on the terraces of EVERY football team in the world!