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School Pranks: The Best Pranks to Play In a Classroom!

Want to play a trick on your classmates or, more importantly, your teacher?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 26th 2022

While school is very important, we can all agree that it can be pretty dull sometimes. There's only so many times you can look out of the window in the hope a cool dog has somehow got into the playground, right? And that almost never happens.

Here are some gentle pranks to give the day a little boost for your classmates and the teacher, too! As with all pranks, remember to pick your moment, not hurt anyone’s feelings or play a practical joke when your teacher is trying to teach you something really important! 

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Check out these awesome prank suggestions!

1. Ask the teacher for a left-handed pencil!

This may look like a normal pencil, but it's definitely for left-handed people. Tell the teacher you can't do any work without one.

2. Wrap your teacher's phone in rubber bands!

Then call it. It'll be impossible to answer! Unless they've got a pair of scissor handy...

3. Change seats every time the teacher turns their back!

Not all at once. Just you. Start with the person next to you. Then go to the back. Then to the front. Shrug when the teacher asks what you're doing. 

4. Cover the class completely with tin foil!

This will take ages but will be worth it. When the teacher asks why the classroom is covered in foil, just say you want to keep the lessons fresh. They'll laugh. You'll laugh. Then you might get detention because it's such an awesome prank. 


5. Put an 'Out of Order' sign on the teacher's toilet!

Simple, but very effective. Make sure it looks like an official sign for maximum impact.

6. Put a sticker on the teacher's computer mouse!

This very subtle prank will make your teacher's mouse useless. They'll even leave the classroom to get help. That's the best time to remove the sticker and it'll be like nothing happened at all and make your teacher look silly.


7. Raise your hand for no reason!

If the teacher asks what you're doing, just say that your hand is full of helium. And it's free to do, so everyone wins.

8. Dress your dog in a shirt and tie!

Bring your pet into class and pretend it's a new student called whatever your dog's name is. Dave, call the dog Dave.

A dog wearing a shirt

9. The most epic prank ever!

Get hundreds of cups and fill them with water and place them carefully all through the school corridors. This will cause mayhem and no-one will be able to get to their classroom without getting wet socks. Don't own up to the this prank though, as you'll be made to pick them all up!

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