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Try To Take Our Neymar Quiz. No passing!

How much do you know about the world’s greatest dribbler (in a good way) called Neymar!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 9th 2022

He may not be everybody’s GOAT but there’s only one player who can dribble around a whole team twice before scoring, and that’s the Brazilian Magician, Neymar! Find out how you do in our Neymar Quiz. Remember - just like Neymar - there’s NO PASSING. You have to answer every question!


1/10 Easy one to kick off. What sport does Neymar play?

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2/10 What country does Neymar play for?


At the start of 2022, what team was Neymar playing for?


What city are PSG from?


What team did Neymar play for before PSG?

6/10 Football formations
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What position does Neymar usually play for PSG


Which legend is the only player to have scored more goals for Brazil than Neymar

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With which Brazilian team did Neymar begin his career?


Whose face is tattooed on Neymar’s arm?


What words, reflecting his religious beliefs, has Neymar (not pictured) worn on a headband?

Shamed. Sent off for Diving! Take an early shower and sneak back to the Brazilian team bus.

@neymarjr | Instagram

Well done. A couple of assist and some classic Neymar skills shown. Not a bad result!

@neymarjr | Instagram

Goal! You’re a Neymar expert and probably a real football expert as well! Try again to get the top score. NEYMAR NEVER QUITS!

@neymarjr | Instagram

You are Neymar! It’s a real honour quizzing you, Mr Neymar. We’re very proud that you do Beano Quizzes at half time!