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Minnie Mouse Jokes

These Minnie Mouse Jokes will make you go squeak at the knees!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 19th 2022

Why not stop reading those brand new cartoon jokes and have a look at some classic Disney cartoon jokes instead. These Minnie Mouse jokes are highly amouseing, and will make you laugh so much you’ll go completely Disney. We’re not taking the Micky, but as you might expect, they’re all pretty cheesy and some of them are quite goofy! We’ll let you get started, but in the meantime, it was mice knowing you!

What’s wrong with Minnie Mouse’s helicopter?


Why did Minnie join NASA?

To find Pluto!

Minnie kept cracking up…

She was clearly a-moused!

Now Minnie’s famous she always stays in somewhere posh… 

Like the Stilton!

What did Micky say to Minnie ? 

It’s so mice to meet you!


What did Minnie say when Micky broke a tooth?

Hard cheese?

What do mice do in December? 

They give Chris-mouse cards!

What’s Minnie Mouse’s favourite game? 

Hide and squeak!

Do you know what Minnie’s favourite instrument is? 

The mouse-organ!

Why did Minnie Mouse get custard pied ?

Because Donald ducked!

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Doctor, Doctor, I think I’m Minnie Mouse!

“How long have you been having these Disney spells?”

Did you know Minnie mouse can play the violin?

She’s a real mice-tro!

Minnie mouse is so famous she goes to the shops in disguise! 

She’s completely anony-mouse.

Disney couldn’t decide between the name Mindy and Ginnie…

In the end it was a compro-mice!

How do Micky and Minnie share secrets?  

By Mouse Code!

Did you hear that Minnie Mouse has a sword? 

She’s a Mouseketeer!

How did Minnie get so good at being tiny?

She learnt at minnie-school!

Minnie Mouse was arrested for identity theft!

She was charged with being Goofy.

What’s Minnie’s favourite car?

Work it out!

What happens when Minnie spins around?

She’s a little Disney!

What’s Minnies favourite cheese?


What did Minnie say when her boyfirend was arrested?

You’re taking the Mickey!