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How to Draw a Minion!

Want to know how to draw yourself a Minion from Despicable Me? Well, here's how!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  June 30th 2022

Step 1 - Start with the body

It's just a big old bean shape

Step 2 - Draw the eyes and goggles

Draw 2 large circles near the top of the body

Outline the circles (kind of looks like an 8 on it's side) and add two ear shapes either side for the headband

Inside the large circles add in a few more circles for the irises and pupils. Don't forget to colour in the pupils! 

Step 3 - Add a mouth

Give him a big wide mouth by drawing the letter D on it's side and adding a stripey bar along the top for teeth

Step 4 - Give him some clothes

Draw 2 long ovals coming off his shoulders at an angle and link them up with some lines to make up the overalls. Add a box with a pointy bottom in the middle as a pocket.

Don't forget the Gru Industries logo on the pocket. It's a letter G made up of a C shape surrounded by four coloured in semi circles.

Step 5 - Draw in some arms

Just draw some long hot dog shapes with little bumpy fingery bits on the ends. Add a curved line on each arm to draw in the gloves.

Step 5 - And some legs

Add a couple of stumpy rectangles with pointy ends at the bottom of the body. Again, add some curved lines for the top of his boots.

Step 6 - Add a few hairs

Just quickly had a couple of wispy lines on the top for hair

Step 7 - Colour him in!

Start with the main colours...

Then add some shading with a darker colour along one side...

And finally add two small white dots in the pupils as little highlights! And you're done!