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Can You Guess All 16 Movies From The Emoji?

Can you translate emojis? Try and crack these codes and guess the movie from the emoji with our emoji movie quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 3rd 2022

We love emojis and we love movies, so it makes total sense to have a movie-based emoji quiz on How much do you know about movies? Can you apply that knowledge to some seemingly simple picture-led questions? Some are trickier than they appear, so take a moment before answering! Are you ready? Good luck!

1/16 Emoji quiz

2/16 Emoji quiz

3/16 Emoji quiz

4/16 Emoji quiz

5/16 Emoji quiz

6/16 Emoji quiz

7/16 Emoji quiz

8/16 Emoji quiz









Result: uh oh

Oh no! (Here's a tip - try saying the emojis out loud!)

Result: Not bad

Not bad...but you can do better!

Result: Great job

Great job! You really know your emojis and movies!

Result: Wow

Wow! Do you work as an emoji translator? Or are you a famous Hollywood director? Either way, well done!