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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: Full Steam Ahead!

Can you catch the 11.58 from Beanotown station?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 14th 2022

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1/10 Phil E.S. Dogg in a swimming pool

You have ages before the train leaves. Look, there’s Beanotown swimming pool! Fancy a quick swim?

2/10 A footballer about to kick the ball

Cross the road to Cold Trafford, the football stadium. The gate is open, so do you fancy a kick about?

3/10 Dennis skateboarding in a library

You’re going to need a book to read on the train. Let’s go the library. What sort of books do you like reading?

4/10 Gnasher and a trolley full of sausage rolls

If you want a snack, Widl is your best bet. Do you have time to do a quick shop?

5/10 Teacher standing outside a row of terraced houses

There’s Teacher’s house. Which way should we go now?

6/10 Phil ES Dogg in a skatepark

There’s the skate park. What do you want to do?

7/10 A stately home with Gnasher rolling on the grass

There’s Bunkerton Castle. How much time do you want to spend there?

8/10 A sign post saying This Way and That Way

The station looks far away. If we went via Beanotown Park, we should make it. How should we get there?

9/10 A dinosaur in the park

Seeing as we’re in the park, what would you like to do? We don’t have much time left…

10/10 A train ticket

The Beanotown station is very close. Do you have your ticket?

Result: Oh dear

Oh dear!

The train left ages ago! The next train won’t be for ages, so why not retrace your steps to the Trixy Cinema and watch a film? It looks like it might rain soon.

Result: You're Late

You're late!

You just missed the train! There’ll be another train along soon-ish, we think. You could have a look around Beanoland while you wait…

Result: Phew – you're just in time

Phew! You're just in time!

You just made it in time! That was close. Take a moment to catch your breath before having your packed lunch.

Result: Nice and Early

Nice and early!

You’re early! Take a seat in the waiting room and relax, but don’t forget to get on the actual train when it arrives!