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Expert Level Harry Potter Quiz!

Only a true Harry Potter fan will get a perfect score. Take the quiz and see how many you can answer correctly!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 1st 2021

Are you ready? Then let's begin!

1/32 Lots of Harry Potter animals and characters on stone background

Which of these characters appears in the books but NOT the films?

2/32 Blue kettle with screaming face on purple background

Which one of these is an object Arthur Weasley has encountered in his job?

3/32 James Potter potato on book background with question mark

What year was James Potter born?

4/32 Castle building with Justin potato head in corner

Which Muggle private school was Justin Finch Fletchley originally down for?

5/32 Three headed dog on space background

What nationality was the man who sold Hagrid Fluffy, the three headed dog?

6/32 A pet toad

What is Neville Longbottom's pet toad called?

7/32 Jelly babies

What is the Hogsmeade sweet shop called?

8/32 A Knight Bus

How much would it cost a Muggle to travel on the Knight Bus?

9/32 Albus Dumbledore

What is Dumbledore's full name?

10/32 Professor Quirrell

What house is Quirinus Quirrell part of?

11/32 A variety of potions

What kind of cauldron should you have in a potions class?

12/32 Ron Weasley on a Quidditch pitch

Ron Weasley's favourite Quidditch team is Chudley Cannons. But what colour robes do they play in?

13/32 A staircase and a badger

How many different staircases are there inside Hogwarts?

14/32 A computer screen showing a password

What is the first password used in Gryffindor Tower?

15/32 A set of language dictionaries and pair of headphones

What does it translate as?

16/32 A factory

Where does Vernon Dursley work?

17/32 A potato dressed like Nearly Headless Nick

What is Nearly Headless Nick's full name?

18/32 A baby holding a wand

What’s the first chapter in Chamber of Secrets?

19/32 A birthday cake

Who is one day older than Harry?

20/32 A potato dressed as Draco Malfoy

What is Draco Malfoy's middle name?

21/32 A science lesson

Which is not an ingredient in a Polyjuice potion?

22/32 A cat standing next to a Hagrid-like bush

How does Hagrid react when he’s around cats?

23/32 A chalkboard

Before becoming a lecturer in the Defence Against the Dark Arts, what did Professor Quirrell teach?

24/32 Fruit

What fruit do you have to tickle in order to enter the Hogwarts kitchen?

25/32 Wedding rings

Who did Neville Longbottom marry?

26/32 Jelly beans

What is the first wizard sweet Harry eats?

27/32 Green sprout

Monkshood and wolfsbane are the same plant. What are they also known as?

28/32 A screaming golden snitch

How many different ways can you foul a player in Quidditch?

29/32 A speedy broomstick

What is the fastest speed a Firebolt broomstick can go?

30/32 Snape and his parents at the beach

What are the names of Severus Snape's parents?

31/32 A pair of knees

Dumbledore has a scar above his left knee. What does it look like?

32/32 Luna Lovegood's sunglasses

What is Luna Lovegood's patronus?

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