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eEURO 2021 Personality Quiz: Could You Win the Cup?

Do you have the gaming skills to win the eEURO online football tournament?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 22nd 2022
1/12 A man winning a game on his console

How many hours a day would you practice before the tournament?

2/12 Video game practice

What areas do you feel need the most work?

3/12 Tactics being drawn on a whiteboard

What sort of tactics would you employ?

4/12 UEFA EEURO PES update 2021
Konami | UEFA

How would you describe your playing style?

5/12 Croissant

What sort of breakfast would you have on the morning of the tournament?

6/12 A man trying to sleep

It's the night before the tournament – what do you do to make sure you're at your best on the day?

7/12 Football formations a green football diagram

What sort of formation would you use against a skilled player?

8/12 A nervous gamer feeling the pressure of the big game
Konami | UEFA

As the tournament progresses, you're gaining confidence and winning each match. Then you begin to get nervous. What now?

9/12 A penalty being taken
Konami | UEFA

What's your penalty taking style?

10/12 A screen shot from a EEURO game
Konami | UEFA

You're in the final! How do you approach the biggest match of your gaming career?

11/12 A gamer celebrating a sweet sweet goal

You've scored! How do you celebrate?

12/12 A winner!

How would you feel if you won the tournament?

Result: CHAMP


You were absolutely unstoppable! Next stop, the World Cup!



So close, but yet so far. Well done, though!



While you didn't appear in the final, your skills were admirable and surely deserve a medal of some sort!

Result: RED CARD


Maybe you should practice more in time for the next eEURO tournament. We believe in you.