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The Crimson Room is a flash puzzle game, in which you wake up in a room with red walls and attempt to find your way out. This guide was written in a hurry to help people out before they destroy their computers in frustration. As such it hasn't been checked too thoroughly.

The Memo
Inside the top-right drawer in the dresser.

The CD Case
Inside the top-left drawer in the dresser.

The Small Golden Key
Click on the pillow on the bed to lift it, then get the key.

The Small Silver Key
Open the curtains and take the key off the ledge

The Thin Ring
In the bowl on the top of the dresser.

The Thick Ring
Open and close the curtains until a ring falls down behind the bed (takes five or six shakes). Pick it up.

The Cassete Tape
Underneath the dresser

The Battery
Hard to find. Look at the big red wall and click in the very bottom-left corner to move the camera to the end of the bed and get the battery.

The Metal Stick
Also hard to find. Click on the line between the top of the matress and the headboard to look into the gap and then get the stick

The Power Cable
Use the Gold Key to unlock the bottom-left drawer in the dresser. Open it to get the power cable

The Mystery Box
Use the Silver Key to unlock the bottom-right drawer in the dresser. Open it to get the box

The Key
Use the Power Cable with the CD player to give it power. Press the 'on' button in the top left of the player to turn it on. Press the CD drawer to open it and get the key inside

The Safe
Look at the Mystery Box. Put the Thick Ring in the left circle, put the Thin Ring in the right circle and put the Small Metal Rod into the slot. Now open the box and put the Battery next to the one already in there, place the Cassete in the holder and click on the projector. Watch the dancing man and wait until near the end, when he will point at a small cross on the wall. Put your mouse over the spot and wait until the show finishes, then click three times; a rectangle will appear on the wall. Click on it to expose the safe.

The Screwdriver
Click on the safe to get close-up. Read the Memo and put the URL into your browser to get a short message containing the code to the safe (1994). Enter this and use the Key to open the safe and get the screwdriver.

With the Screwdriver selected click on the door to get a different view angle. Use the Screwdriver on the edge of the doorknob to remove it. Now just click on the door to open it and leave.