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Fortnite Quiz: Can You Identify These Landmarks?

Do you know where on the Battle Royale island these landmarks can be found - without any labels? Take our ultra hard Fortnite trivia quiz.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 28th 2022
1/12 Fornite quiz - house on an island

Easy one to start! Where is this house built on an island?

2/12 Fortnite quiz - tower in the distance

Peering out through the leaves... but where is that tower, way off in the distance?

3/12 Fortnite quiz town

Which town are you skydiving towards? Quick, before the glider opens!

4/12 fortnite quiz

Getting harder now... Which map segment does this building appear in?(Bonus fact! In the USA, they say 'gas station' instead of 'petrol station', because they are wrong)

5/12 fortnite quiz

Same again! Which map segment does this building appear in? TOP TIP: If you're having a hard time in Fortnite, try reading our list of top tips for base building!

6/12 fortnite

OK now, settle down... Where in the Fornite Battle Royale map does this building appear?

7/12 fortnite quiz

What is the building that appears at the bottom of this map? HINT: It's near Moisty Mire...

8/12 fortnite quiz

What is the town to the North West of this landmark called?

9/12 fortnite quiz

Bit of a breather! What's the name of this landmark with its distinctive 3 warehouses?

10/12 fortnite quiz

Which corner of the map is the Battle Bus flying in from?

11/12 fortnite quiz

ULTRA HARD! Which town is this mountain closest to?

12/12 fortnite quiz

FINALLY: What is the name of the mine-themed new area added in the new patch?

fortnite quiz

What the...? Have you ever even played Fortnite?

fortnite quiz

Ooof! You can't win Fortnite very often if you can't find your way around!

fortnite quiz

Maybe you should stick to playing Duos, so your teammate can hold your hand and lead you?

fortnite quiz

You know your way round Battle Royale (except for the times you don't)!

fortnite quiz

You've got a few wins under your belt! Congratulations!

fortnite quiz

FORTNITE PRO! You know where to find all the best loot - and where to spot your enemies from!

fortnite quiz

INCREDIBLE! You must win every game of Fortnite you play! What a pro!