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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: May 15th 2022

Catch the falling fried chicken!

Countries all around the world have tried to claim the title, but some historians have suggested that Scotland was the first country to invent fried chicken. We’re as shocked as you are. The reasons were simple – chickens were easier to rear, the meat was cheaper than pork and beef, which meant everyone could enjoy it and was easy to do. Want another fried chicken fact? A certain American fried chicken chain opened its first UK shop in Preston in 1965. Boom! Chicken fact!

It’s a worldwide industry now, and Broasted goes some way to show you what happens if a fried chicken shop was total chaos and its staff – who have elasticated arms – spent their time trying to catch falling chicken pieces. To play is straightforward, just tap and drag the sides of the screens to move the bucket and catch the fried food. It’s harder than it looks!