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Beauty and the Beast Jokes

These Beauty and Beast Jokes have more hilari-tea than Mrs Potts’ insides! Feeling funny? You’re having a Disney spell! Laughter’s the best medicine!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 19th 2022

It was a tale as old as time… These Beauty and the Beast gags are sharper than a roses thorns and hotter than Lumieres hands. *Warning: Even though these jokes are unbelle-evibly funny the first one is the worst joke on the whole Beano website and that’s saying something!

Did you hear about when the Beast took Mrs Potts to the highest tower to help with his Maths homework?

He need to see the high-pot-in-use!  

Cogsworth was hungry…

So he went back four seconds!

Why did the Beast throw Cogsworth from the castle?

He wanted to see time fly!

Did you hear there’s a Beauty and the Beast spin-off starring Cogsworth?

It’s about time! 

When Lumiere finally got to have a bath…

He was de-lighted!

Lumiere: I hate it when Mrs Potts pours tea carelessly…

It really gets on my wick!

Lumiere searched google for how to set his hands on fire…

No matches found!

Can you shed some light on the subject, Lumiere?

Yes I candle!

What did Mrs Potts say when the Beast turned into a Prince?

Let’s get this Par-tea started!

This joke about Mrs Potts…

Will cause Hilari-tea!

These Mrs Potts jokes…

Sure are teadious!

How did you get in my house, Beast?

Door, Belle!

What’s that you’re eating, Beast?

Taco, Belle!

What did Gaston sing when the Beast and Belle broke up?

Single Belle, Single Belle, single all the way!

How does the Beast summon Beauty? 

With a Belle button!

How did the Prince from Beauty and the Beast find his son in a snowstorm?

The fresh prints of Belle’s heir!

The costumes in the live action Beauty and Beast were very old fashioned…

Tailors old as time!

Did you hear that the Beast ate Cogsworth?

It was quite time consuming!

Why was Hermione Grainger cast in Beauty and the Beast?

Because the Beast is really Harry!

What's was only prize that Gaston won in Beauty and the Beast?

The No Belle prize!