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Can You Beat Beano's Bash Street Kids 'Teacher' Quiz!?

It's Class 2B's favourite (and sometimes least favourite) staff member! Test your Bash Street know-how with this brilliantly Beano quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  April 11th 2022

Anyone who's read the Beano knows the long-suffering teacher of class 2B. But how much do you really know about him? Answer these Bash-tastic trivia questions to find out, but be warned - you'll have to be as big a swot as Cuthbert to get full marks!

Ready? Let's go!


What kind of facial hair does Teacher have?


What colour is Teacher's blazer? Click to reveal!


What class does Teacher teach?


And on a scale of 1 - 10, how in control of his class is he?


What's his wife's name?

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How does he get to school each morning?


Who's his favourite student?


What do you call this kind of hat?


What's this yellow bus used for?


What does Teacher actually think of the kids?

Ouch! Teacher is not pleased with this result! Looks like it's a detention for you! Fancy having another go? Or try another of our epic Beanotown quizzes!

Could be worse! Teacher isn't totally sure what to do with this result. At least you tried, though! And if you feel like trying to beat this score on another Beanotown quiz, we've got plenty more where this one came from!

Good work! Not a perfect score but Teacher has seen a LOT worse than this (in fact, from everyone except Cuthbert)! Pat yourself on the back! Now, can you beat this score on another of our amazing Beanotown quizzes? Try another and find out!

Woah! Cuthbert - is that you? Whoever you are, you just nailed a perfect score! Amazing work! Now, can you get 10/10 on a different Beanotown quiz?