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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: A Skate to Victory

Help Phil to pull off the sickest flips and win the Beanotown skate comp!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 4th 2022

It's time for the annual Beanotown Skateboarding Championships! The competition is pretty fierce and only the very best will walk off with the coveted, shiny trophy. Do you have the technical knowledge required to do the sweetest tricks on the ramps and rails of this awesome skate park? Let's find out!

1/10 Phil ES Dogg in a skate park

Righteous! You’ve decided to do an ollie to warm-up. Which part of the board do you put weight on to do this?

2/10 Phil ES Dogg and equations on a chalk board

Blam! For your next trick, you’re going to attempt a full rotation of your deck in the air. How many degrees would this be?

3/10 Phil ES Dogg and a skate ramp

Sick! For the next part of the competition, everyone has been asked to grind along the lip of the ramp. What’s that?

4/10 Phil ES Dogg and a skate ramp

Gnarly! Your next challenge is to do a fakie down the ramp. What’s that?

5/10 Phil ES Dogg and a skateboard design background

Radical! On the skatepark, competitors are required to ‘carve’. Could you explain what this move is?

6/10 Dennis, Gnasher and Phil at Beanotown skate park

So sketchy! Next on the list is a ‘crooked grind’ – what on earth is that?

7/10 Phil ES Dogg on a Beanotown ramp

On lock! You’re nearing the end of the competition. You need to earn some points doing a sweet drop-in. Which part of the skatepark do you need to be at?

8/10 Landing bolts skateboard slang

Landing bolts, dude! What does this slang mean?

9/10 A skateboarding quiz

Almost there! One of your rivals has bailed while doing a 5-0. What’s going on here?

10/10 A skateboard ramp and trophy

Awesome! For your final trick, you really need to impress the judges. You’ve decided to do an ‘indy grab’. Tell us what this is!

Result: Oh no

Oh no! You bailed on the most simple of tricks, Phil! Maybe you should have spend more of your visit to Beanotown practicing your skateboarding at the park. Maybe next time!

Result: Not bad

Nice work! You landed some sick tricks, but it wasn’t enough to match your rivals. You still got a bronze medal, so well done!

Result: Great work

Great work! You did really well and made some of the crowd gasp at one point. Not bad for a dog on a skateboard, Phil! You’ve been awarded a silver medal!

Result: Champ

Champ! You landed all your tricks perfectly and there’s a queue of skateboarding companies wanting to sponsor you Phil! You have been awarded a gold medal for your sick skating!